Hyundai announced today that it will be leasing its first production electric SUV, the Volvo Xc40, to the U.S. market in 2019.

The car will make its debut on the U and U.K. markets later this year, but its first U.A.E. market debut will come in 2019, the company said.

The company also announced the launch of a partnership with electric automaker Tesla, the first such deal of its kind in North America.

The Volvo team will be working closely with Tesla, and the two companies are working together to deliver an innovative and technologically advanced vehicle that is poised to make an impact on the auto industry.

The partnership is expected to help Tesla expand its range of electric vehicles, as well as expand the market for Tesla vehicles.

Volvo is the only automaker to have successfully demonstrated its electric vehicle capabilities in the U., where the company has won multiple accolades for its technology.

It has successfully demonstrated that the Volvos can drive on streets that are designed for traffic flow, but also offer a range that exceeds that of a gasoline car.

The company has also successfully demonstrated the ability to deliver the vehicle’s full-electric range, with its electric powertrain.

The first of the Volvs, the Xc30, is currently undergoing testing at a battery factory in the United Kingdom.

The battery production line will be expanded to a production plant in Germany in 2019 and will begin production there as well.

Volkswagen has also announced plans to build electric vehicles in North and South America.

Volkswagen will begin construction of a plant in Mexico next year and will start producing the electric cars in the second half of 2020.

The plant will be used to manufacture the electric models for the Volkswagen brand, including the e-Golf, Passat, and Golf GTI.

Volking’s U.M.P.A., an electric car maker, announced earlier this year that it was acquiring Volkswagen AG, its largest and most profitable shareholder, for $8.4 billion.

The acquisition, which is expected in 2019 or 2020, will also include ownership of some of the Volkswagen brands’ brand name.

Volkswagen is currently pursuing the sale of its remaining shares in VW, including those held by its parent company, Audi.

Volvos in North American will make their U.R.M., or Un-mated, debut on September 25.

The new vehicle, called the Volver, will be a four-door sedan with an expected range of about 240 miles on a single charge.