Hyundai Palises new luxury sedan, the Hyundai Palisa, is a bit of a shocker.

The Hyundai Palias new model is a hybrid, and it has a lot of new tech in the front.

The Palisa comes with an automatic transmission that will let you do all sorts of stuff without having to worry about the clutch.

It also has a “humbug mode” which is a new feature that makes the Hyundai’s seats and driver’s seat feel a bit like they’re a hug pillow.

It has a new driver’s door that opens up automatically when the driver starts it up, a new rearview mirror, a sunroof that’s a little bigger, and a rear seat that comes with a new armrest and armrest cup holder.

And it’s got a new audio system that allows you to make calls with Siri, an iPhone app that allows users to do some of their shopping on-demand, and, of course, a host of other cool features.

Hyundai has done a lot to get its car brand recognized as an icon of luxury, but it has yet to be recognized as a leader in technology and design.

It’s worth noting that the Hyundai is a little bit of an oddity in this regard, with all the other new technology inside, including an automatic gear shift and an electric power steering system that uses a new form of regenerative braking.

The company says that the power steering is part of a bigger “revolution in our approach to driving,” but it’s also the kind of innovation that Hyundai has been doing in other areas for years, including its electric vehicles.