1 / 1 After years of waiting, it finally happened.

The Lincoln Aviator was sold for £7.8m in the UK and $14.8 million elsewhere in the world on Tuesday, just over three years after it was originally slated to be auctioned off.

The car is an instant classic, and its sale has been widely praised.

“I am absolutely blown away by the way it has been received,” said Tom Smith, the estate agent for Lincoln.

Its been a long, long road for the car.” “

It’s a very special car.

Its been a long, long road for the car.”

Lincoln’s deal to sell the car to a US buyer has raised eyebrows around the world, particularly in the US where it was supposed to be sold for a reported £30 million.

It’s the first time the brand has ever sold a vehicle outside of the UK, and it was never intended to be a museum piece.

It is currently being displayed in the Lincoln Museum in London.

The Aviator is now being auctioned as a collectible vehicle, with the proceeds going to charity.

Here are the highlights of what was on offer at auction: Top price for the Lincoln Avison: The most expensive sale to date: £7,843,000 in the United Kingdom and $15.7 million in the rest of the world.

The seller was Lincoln’s former US buyer, Chevrolet, and the Aviators’ original owner, Lincoln’s new US owner, Cadillac.

The original sale price of £9.2 million was set in the mid-1990s.

That would have been £3.8-million more than the previous highest selling Lincoln car, the Cadillac SR4.

Top price set by a buyer from another country: £11.9 million in Switzerland.

A buyer from Germany sold the car for $1.9-million less than the current average price of around $15 million in that country.

A car sold by another buyer in Mexico is selling for around $1 million less than its original asking price in the country.

Top car sold outside of UK: The Acura NSX.

It was the car most wanted by a UK buyer who wanted to pay a higher price for a car that wasn’t available in the home country.

The price for that sale was £7 million more than its current UK price.

Top selling car sold in the USA: The Toyota Prius.

It cost the seller £8.3 million more to sell than the average price paid for the previous high-end vehicle.

Top used car sale: The Nissan Altima.

The average price was £4.5 million, but the car was sold at auction for £11 million more.

The vehicle was bought by a US seller, and was sold by an Australian seller, for around half its current market value.

Top brand sold in Europe: the VW Beetle.

The buyer paid $11 million for the vehicle, but only paid $8 million for its original buyer.

The previous highest price paid by a seller outside of Britain was $19.3,000, according to Carsguide.

Top luxury car sold worldwide: the Mercedes-Benz SLR-Class.

It has been the most popular luxury car in the past two years, and a buyer in Germany paid $17 million to sell it for £42.5-million.

The new buyer paid £13.5m for it.

Top electric car sold globally: the Tesla Model S. The most popular electric car, according the Carsguide ranking, was the Nissan Leaf, with sales of the vehicle being more than 3 million a month in the second quarter.

The UK buyer paid an estimated £5.9 billion to buy the car, and another $2.7 billion for it to be on public roads.

Top vehicle sold in South America: the Toyota Prizm.

The biggest selling car in South American history, the Prizs are now the most sold vehicle in the region.

The first one was sold in 2005 for $25.7-million, with subsequent sales being $26.5 billion in total.

Top high-performance car sold: the Ferrari FXX.

It won the GT category at the 2011 Le Mans 24 Hours, becoming the first sports car to win the 24 Hours since the F355-AMAC GT was introduced in 2005.

The next one was a Mercedes-AMG GT S, which took second place at the 24h Le Mans test day, but was later replaced by a Nissan Leaf.

Top sports car sold at the London auction: the McLaren F1.

McLaren’s F1 won the 2012 British Formula One championship, and led the way for many years until it was sold off by its current owner, Ferrari.

Top supercar sold in Australia: the Lamborghini Huracan.

The Lamborghinis are among the most sought-after supercars in the market.