The latest lease deal calculator to help you find the perfect lease for your home or office.

(iStock) (Photo: iStockphoto) (Image: istockphoto)The best deals on leases for your business, home, or apartment are now available on the National Review’s leasing page, which includes more than 20 million leases available for rent.

For instance, if you rent an office space for $1,000 a month, and your tenant has a 3,000-square-foot office space, your lease will give you a $3,000 profit.

You could also get an even bigger profit if you buy a second, larger office space.

And if you have an office building in your city, you’ll have the opportunity to negotiate an even better deal.

The best lease deals on rentals for your office or home are now on the lease calculator at National Review.

(Photo : iStock)In addition to the leases listed below, the National Council on Review has released the lease and rent calculator, which also includes a list of current lease deals.

Here are some of the best deals for your next lease, or for your own business or home:Kia lease Deals and Rents: 1.

The Rental Value of a Kia Lease: $1K per month.

A 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 3-bedroom rental unit in the city is $1.25 per square foot.

A 1-bath, 2.5-bath unit is $2.25.2.

A 4-bedroom condo in the state of Michigan is $3 per square feet.

The cost of a 1-bedroom unit is less than $1 per squarefoot.

A 3-bath room in a 2-bed, 3.5 bedroom rental unit is between $4.25 and $5 per square-foot.


The rent-to-own ratio: 3.2:1.

In the city, it’s 3:1, but the Rental Ratio is closer to 2:1 in the suburbs.

The average rental value of a $2,500 home is $7,000.4.

The lease period: 2 years.

A two-year lease gives you 10 years of lease time.

You can save up to 60 percent on your lease if you move out after the first year.5.

The Annual Cost of a 2 Bedroom: $3.99.

In most cities, a 2 bedroom is $8,000 per year.

A 5-bedroom is $10,000 annually.

For a 6-bed or 7-bed room, it is $13,000 or $15,000, depending on the size of the space.6.

The Cost of an Apartment: $847 per month (for a 1,200 square foot apartment).

A 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom, 2 bedroom rental in the same city is around $1 million per year, but a 1.6 bathroom, 1 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 3 bedroom rental is around a quarter of that.7.

The Rent-to Own Ratio: 3: 1 (for both the rent-and-own and the rent ratio).

For a 2,000 square foot rental, the rent to own ratio is between 3.0 and 3.1.

The two are closer to 3.4: 1 in the US.8.

The Average Rent Price per Square Foot: $2K.

A $2-per-square foot rental is cheaper than a $1-per (rent-and)own rent, but more expensive than a 1/4 to 1/2 rent.9.

The Price per Month: $4,000 (for the same apartment).10.

The Percentage of Your Profit: 75 percent.

This percentage is based on the average price of your property in your current location.

You’ll earn $75 for each $1 in rent paid, or $0.75 per square meter of floor space.11.

The Time to Live on Your Rental: 5 years.12.

The Maximum Amount You Can Use to Quit: 5.5 percent of the lease rent.

The maximum lease rent is $5,500 per month, but this percentage can be reduced by 50 percent with a two-month grace period.13.

The Tax Benefits of Rental Income: 25 percent.14.

The Minimum Amount You Must Pay to Stay: $0,000/month.

You may choose to pay $0 or $1 for rent and have it deducted from your paychecks.15.

The Final Percentage of Profit: 15 percent.16.

The Rate of Return: 10 percent per year for an annual lease, 15 percent for a two year lease, and 25 percent for the annual lease.