Georgia hunting hunting leases are now open for leasing in 2018, thanks to a new state law passed last year.

The new law allows hunting groups to use state-owned land to hunt in certain areas of Georgia.

The law was passed in response to a series of deadly mass shootings in Georgia in 2017, and allows for up to 50 hunters to be allowed to hunt each year in some of the state’s most popular hunting areas.

The hunters have been able to legally hunt on state-leased land since 2015.

The state has also allowed some hunting licenses to be sold to non-hunting groups in some areas.

However, Georgia has been trying to limit the number of hunting licenses that can be sold, which means that hunting groups can only sell licenses for five years in a row.

If hunters are unable to sell licenses during their five-year expiration, the licenses expire and hunting groups have to sell their remaining licenses, which can be auctioned off.

A bill passed in 2018 will allow hunting groups and hunters to keep hunting licenses after the five-years, and will allow for the sale of hunting-related memorabilia, including deer licenses and other hunting related items.

Georgia’s hunting license renewals can be found here.

The Department of Natural Resources is currently in the process of updating the state hunting rules and regulations to comply with the new law.

The department will update the rules by the end of 2018, but the agency has already released some hunting-specific information for the first time.

The rules state that the only time a hunting group can have a hunting license is if they have completed an application to renew their license.

Hunters can also renew their hunting license by visiting the office of the hunting director and submitting an application.

The hunting director will review and review the application, and if it is approved, the hunter can renew their rifle or shotgun license within six months.

Hunting licenses are currently available to lease in some parts of Georgia for up, four-runner, and four-shot rifle and shotgun.

The four-runners and four shot rifle and shotguns are currently not available for hunting in the Georgia Conservation Commission’s hunting-only zones, although the department has released information to indicate that the five year hunting expiration dates are in effect for those hunting-restricted zones.

Hunting-restricted areas are restricted to hunters who are at least 21 years old, have passed a hunter education course, and have received an approved hunting license.

The Georgia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has not released any hunting-oriented information about the hunting license renewal process for hunting-limited areas.

If you live in a hunting-restricted area and want to hunt, contact the hunting department to check the status of your hunting license and if you have any questions.