First time car buyers in Florida are getting a second chance to lease a BMW from a local dealership.BMW offered second chance leases for all models from the 2015-2016 models, but the company said those leasing programs have since been discontinued, but they are still available on the BMW i3, i5, i7, i9 and iDrive models.

A first chance lease gives a customer a chance to purchase the car on a lower price than their previous purchase.

The terms of the leasing agreement are not disclosed, but there are no fees or strings attached.

A customer could purchase the i3 for $6,500 in a second-chance lease, or buy the i5 for $7,000, or the i7 for $9,000.

Customers can opt to pay a fixed monthly payment or receive a credit for the difference between the purchase price and the price of the lease.

Customers who want to keep the car for a year or more will need to pay $735 per month, which is a premium over the current price of $495 per month.

A second chance lease for the i8 is $1,395 per month; the same price would be $1.325 for the same amount of time.

A second chance purchase also offers additional perks, including the ability to add a personalized paint job to the car.BMWs dealership in Miami was not immediately available for comment, but it was noted that the iDrive lease offers a similar price.