Posted March 07, 2019 11:08:20A lot of people think that the car industry is dying in Florida.

If you were a Kias fan growing up, you were probably thinking that the industry was in a bubble.

It wasn’t.

Kia’s lease deal with Fisker Automotive in Florida, the first one signed in the country, was the biggest deal in the industry in 2019.

Kia is now looking to extend its lease to 2022, but Fiskers plan to build an even bigger plant in Tampa and expand into other parts of Florida.

Kias is also looking to expand into Florida’s south.

Kias lease deal has already been extended to 2022.

Here’s a look at what you need to know.KIA is in Florida for a couple of years now, which means it has a couple new lease agreements signed with some of the biggest names in the car business.

KIA is not going to be building any new plants or factories in Florida in the foreseeable future, but its lease agreements with Fisks and its competitors are already being extended.

Kies new lease agreement with Friesland was signed in February, and it covers 2021 to 2023.

Kies lease deal covers the entire United States for the first 10 years.

That means if the company decides to build a factory in Mexico, it has to sign a 10-year lease.

If the factory is located in China, it is going to have to sign an 11-year deal.

In the U.S., Kies leases are a little different.

Kys lease deals are limited to one year each.

So if Kia decides to move to China and build a new factory, it needs to sign 10- and 11- year deals.

If Kia does build a plant in China in 2022, it would be the biggest contract the company has ever signed in its history.

But it is also going to create a lot of headaches for Kias shareholders.

Fiskermann and Kia are going to get some pretty tough questions from shareholders about the deal in 2022.

Kis shareholders are also going have to decide whether they want to keep the factory in China for 10 years or just go with the 10- or 11- years option.

Kiskas shareholders are going be asked about whether they think the plant is worth more than a million dollars a year in total revenue.

If the company moves to Mexico and builds a factory there, Kia would have to buy the Fiskman contract with an option to extend it to 2027.

Kiefer is the largest auto company in the world, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Kiskers shares have risen nearly 10% over the past few months because of the Kias contract with Fischmann, which is a big deal because it would have an enormous impact on the stock price.

If Kia stays in Mexico and moves to China, Kiskers stock would have a lot more upside.

The stock also rose a lot due to Kia moving to China.

Fisks stock is down about 20% this year because of a lot people looking to sell cars, but it has risen about 15% in the past 12 months because the company is planning to open a new plant in Shanghai.

The company has not announced what it will do with that plant, but the move is expected to have an impact on Kias stock.

The stock has been up about 5% this week.

The move by Kia has also pushed Fiskert into a little higher territory, which has led to a lot speculation about where Fiskier plans to open its new factory.

Fischier has been making a lot in the Chinese market.

It is a huge company and has been in China since the 1960s, and the company wants to expand there and be profitable there.

The new factory is not expected to be ready until 2019, so the move could have a big impact on Fiskiers stock price in the long run.