A $50,000 lease swap between a Porsche Cayne and a Mini Cooper lease has closed.

The deal was announced Tuesday.

It’s the first such deal involving a carmaker’s Mini Cooper brand.

The swap allows a customer to lease a 2017 Mini Cooper C3 sedan for $60,000 a month and an 2019 Mini Cooper S sedan for a whopping $90,000.

The C3 is the new standard model in the Mini Cooper lineup and is a luxury sedan that competes with the much more affordable and less powerful C4.

The C3 was launched earlier this year with a base price of $71,900 and is available now for the first time.

The S sedan is offered as a six-month lease with a $5,500 option for a third year.

It has a starting price of about $60-per-month, but it can be sold at a higher price point.

The price has not been announced.