Volkswagen leases are increasing in price and it’s going to cost more than a Ford F150 to lease a 2017 Volkswagen, a new report says.

Volkswagen’s lease prices will go up by an average of 2,400 euros ($3,300) per month, or $7.80 per month.

The car is set to hit the market in June 2020, but its price has yet to be announced.

A spokesperson for Volkswagen told The Local that the increase in lease prices was due to a number of factors.

These include the company’s continued efforts to raise the value of the car and to ensure the sustainability of the vehicle.

“In 2017, Volkswagen was forced to make an unprecedented transition to lower-cost fuel and lower-carbon technologies,” the spokesperson said.

“To achieve this objective, Volkswagen will continue to build on the benefits it already enjoys from our low-emission vehicles, including on-road, plug-in hybrid and electric mobility solutions.”

Volksmotorwerk, which publishes the Auto Bild, reported that the average Volkswagen lease is going to rise by 2,800 euros ($4,100) per year.

The lease price will increase to €5,600 from €4,400, or an average rise of 4,300 euros ($6,200).

The spokesperson added that the company was continuing to work with local governments to reduce the environmental impact of Volkswagen’s operations.