The 2017 Lexus LX450 is the car you get when you buy a 2017 Lexis LX450.

It’s a $27,500 (about £23,000) SUV that starts at $37,500.

But if you can find the right deal, it’s a bargain.

Read moreThe 2017 Lexas LX450 will sell for $36,750 (about $41,500) when it hits dealerships this year, but you’ll be saving money if you opt for the lease option.

This deal is available to buyers of any car that starts with a base LX450 or the LX450S model.

For 2017, the LX550 is also available as a lease option for up to $35,000 (about 50% off).

This car starts at a bit more than $40,000, but is considerably less expensive, costing just $21,750.

However, you’ll also be saving $1,500 ($1,300 off) when you lease this vehicle.

This is why we recommend getting a Lexus lease deal, because it offers some of the best deals on a new car.

But there are other options out there, so keep an eye out for deals like this one.Read more