LAS VEGAS — With an agreement signed by the California Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Uber, the ride-sharing company’s basecamp leasing contract is set to grow to $10 billion a year.

The $10.5 billion deal will be the largest in California history, surpassing $8 billion in 2012.

The deal is the culmination of a long-running battle between Uber and the California DMV over the terms of its basecamp leases.

The new lease comes as the company is trying to negotiate a new lease agreement with the state.

It is also a sign that the California DOT and Uber are now working together on a deal that will be good for both companies.

The DMV issued the lease for the basecamp to Uber for $1.8 billion, which is roughly $1,000 a month for Uber and $800 a month per vehicle, according to the lease.

The lease includes a 20 percent “basecamp share” fee, which will pay the DMV to lease the basecamps for Uber.

Uber has a 20-percent stake in the base camps.

The company also agreed to make annual rent payments of $1 million to $2 million, plus an additional $1 billion to $3 million per year.

While the lease has a basecamp share of 20 percent, the deal calls for the lease to be renewed every five years and the company to be paid for each renewal.

The California DMV has approved the deal, but the DMV still has to negotiate the terms with the company and approve the deal to become law.

The basecamp will be used for maintenance and operations.

The state Department of Motor Vehicles is also expected to release its new lease terms later this year.

Uber is one of many companies looking to lease its base camps, including Tesla, Lyft, and Google.

It also has its own basecamp.

The leases are usually set for a five-year term and are set to increase in size and cost based on the company’s growth and revenue.

It’s unclear how long the new lease will last.

In the past, Uber and CDOT have worked together on leasing the base camps, and CDot has not yet approved the base camp lease with Uber.

However, the two companies are now negotiating a new basecamp agreement, according, the lease agreement will cover both Uber and Lyft for 20 years.

According to a statement released by CDOT on Tuesday, “The agreement includes a long term lease option that will cover the remainder of Uber’s basecamp lease, including the base camper and basecamp portion, until 2021.”

It also calls for an additional 20 percent fee, for which the DMV will pay.

“The Department of Mobility will continue to maintain a strong partnership with Uber, and will continue its efforts to make California the best destination for rideshare companies to operate in the state,” CDOT said in a statement.

“By leveraging its extensive basecamp footprint, CDOT is well positioned to protect consumers and businesses, and continue to promote California’s growth as a global transportation center.”

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PT on April 28, 2018: This article has been updated to include comments from the DMV and the Department of Transport.