A chevy leasing deal that allows a landlord to extend the lease term on a leased home may be available for lease on the online platform Uber or Lyft.

Chevy, a company that leases cars, has been using Uber and Lyft to sell leased cars and lease homes to landlords in the past few years.

Chevys leasing business has a variety of incentives, including an upfront deposit and the right to increase the lease terms by 50% or 100% when the vehicle is sold, according to its website.

In addition, if the lease ends at the end of the lease period, a portion of the purchase price goes to the landlord for the remainder of the term, which the company said it has been able to do with the help of its leasing business.

CheVys leasing company also has its own website that shows how it can apply for a lease on a car and then rent it for an additional $200 a month.

The leasing company said on its website that it is able to extend leases on vehicles that are not sold, and it can also extend leases that have been extended for up to five years, depending on the vehicle’s current value.

CheVs leasing business is part of an emerging business called “self-driving” that lets a driver remotely control a vehicle from a mobile phone app.

Cheviks lease deals allow for a “self driving” lease of a leased vehicle.

Chevincy leases cars that are leased for less than $50,000, but can go as high as $200,000.

For example, a lease of an SUV could be for $250,000 or more, according the company.

Cheveys leasing services allow for the lease of the vehicle to last five years.

This means that if the vehicle sells in the next five years and is leased out, the vehicle could be able to be resold in a similar fashion to how a lease would be sold.

Chevoys leasing has been available on the Uber app for several years and on Lyft for several months.

Lyft and Uber are not directly affiliated with Chevys.

Lyffy, the third-largest platform for sharing cars in the United States, has partnered with Uber to provide Lyft and Uber cars for lease.

Cheyvy is owned by General Motors Co.GM said that it has sold 2.7 million cars through its leasing and leasing business since it was launched in 2014.

Chevezys lease deals include lease periods that range from four to 10 years, according its website, which says that they allow for an “exclusive and personalized lease.”

Chevy leases allow the company to extend its lease by 50%, as well as a 100% increase in the lease amount if the property is sold.