How do you pay for your new car?

That’s where the new Ford Fusion comes in.

We’ll explain how it works and how to set it up.

We also get into the details on the car, including what it costs and what to expect when it arrives.

We asked Ford to explain what the new Fusion is and how it will work, so we can get an idea of how it might compare with the rest of the car lineup.

We will keep it strictly spoiler-free, so you can read the entire story with us.1.

You’re buying a new vehicleFord Fusion, a compact crossover.


The car will have all of the new features you can expect from the Fusion, including a touchscreen touchscreen, autonomous driving, and a driverless system.


The Fusion will be available in a “low-slung” trim, meaning that it will fit in the car’s trunk like a hatchback.


Ford Fusion will come with a $25,000 ($30,000 if you want a more spacious trunk) lease for up to five years, starting at $37,000.


The lease will be for the first two years, but after that, the car can be leased for an additional $5,000, up to a total of $35,000 per year.


The price for the new car will be $39,000 after two years.


The monthly payments for the Fusion will vary depending on how much you are willing to pay.


The Ford Fusion lease option is only available in the United States.


Ford says the Fusion’s range will increase to 80 miles per gallon from the current 60.


The base price of the Fusion is $39.95 per month.


You’ll be able to get the Fusion through Ford dealerships or through dealers in other markets.


Ford is offering a $1,500 finance credit on the Ford Fusion.


If you choose a hybrid, the credit will be extended up to $2,000 for each vehicle.


The financing option will cover the car only for the life of the lease.


Ford said it will offer a $5 credit for first-time owners of Fusion vehicles that are purchased from other dealers.


If the car is not an SUV, the financing option for the next five years will be a $10,000 credit.


Ford will offer two-year warranties on the Fusion and a $2.5,500 extended warranty for all the vehicles in its fleet.


The dealer will receive a $50,000 down payment.


The dealership will get a $200,000 deposit on the vehicle. 


You can get the car for as little as $36,000 or as much as $49,000 depending on the model.


Ford has been aggressive with its incentives.


You have the option to get a “limited” version of the vehicle that starts at $40,000 and goes up to around $50.


The vehicle will come equipped with a rearview camera, rearview mirror, blind spot monitoring, driver assistance features, and cruise control.


The company has a $300,000 incentive program for the buyer who is willing to purchase an older Fusion, which can be bought for $30,500.


The buyer can get a free, three-month Ford Edge lease that starts with the purchase of a Fusion.