A month after the new leasing rules took effect in Texas, a group of people who work for the Dallas-based company Maserati Group say they are having a hard time finding leases.

The group of Maseratis has been in the business of leasing cars since 2000.

It has been selling its cars in Texas since the mid-1990s and has its headquarters in Austin.

The company says it has not found a single lease agreement that requires drivers to pay for gas or a vehicle insurance policy.

The new rules make leasing cars more expensive for consumers.

They also limit how much a vehicle can be charged.

Some of the new rules also restrict where vehicles can be leased, with some places including Austin and Dallas banned from leasing cars.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says the new regulations are needed to combat “an ongoing and escalating epidemic of car theft” that is costing the state tens of millions of dollars a year.

He says the law is needed to protect taxpayers and the safety of motorists.

Paxton has called for a statewide review of the rules.

The Texas Department of Transportation says the state has not identified any drivers who are currently being forced to lease vehicles and the law does not prohibit a person from leasing an automobile from a dealership or the dealership itself.

Paeson says the department will issue more than a million tickets this year to drivers who refuse to lease their vehicles.

The department says the rules will help to reduce vehicle thefts and the use of stolen vehicles.