Axios/The Verge/Getty ImagesA few months ago, I went to an Android event for the Nexus 6.

I’d been waiting for an opportunity to finally get my hands on the device and, well, it was late.

I had a few hours to spare, and after an hour or so of browsing around on the Samsung Gear VR, I found myself sitting on a couch with my hands over my ears.

My friend had just finished his pre-order of the Galaxy S7 Edge, so he was sitting on the couch next to me.

I put the Gear VR on and headed over to my friend’s couch.

I sat down on the same couch with him and asked him to turn off the Gear and turn the headphones on.

I asked him how many days he was planning to wait for the phone.

“Two weeks,” he replied.

“You’re getting two weeks.

You want two weeks of uninterrupted use?

Go ahead and get your Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

I’ll wait.””

Two weeks?


I asked.

“It’s not a phone,” he said.

“A phone is a phone.

It has a battery.

It’s not good enough for me.”

I asked him again how many weeks he was getting, to which he replied, “Two.

I’m getting two.

I can’t wait.”

I asked if he would ever give up his Galaxy S5, and he responded, “No, I won’t give up my Galaxy S4.

I’ve been waiting forever.

And if I’m ever gonna get it, I’m gonna wait two weeks.”

My friend was a huge Galaxy S fan, so when I asked how long it would take him to get his Galaxy 7, he responded by saying, “I have no idea.

Maybe two weeks, maybe a month, maybe two weeks?”

He said that he would only do this if he was actually going to buy it, and I think he was right.

I had to try the Samsung Galaxy S9 to figure out how long a two-week wait would be.

I went back and looked at the Galaxy 7 to see how long I would need to wait, and it came out to about a week.

I tried to convince him to wait a week or two, but he wasn’t buying anything, so I let him go.

But then I had to go and buy my Galaxy 8, because I didn’t want to wait two more weeks.

I thought, Well, that’s not fair.

He’s getting a Galaxy S10.

Why can’t I wait?

But I didn and he didn’t, so now I know how long he’s getting it.

I went back to the Samsung store and tried to find a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that I could get the Galaxy Note 9 out of.

I found that the Galaxy 6 is the only Galaxy Note I could find for $400.

I got the Galaxy 8 for $250 and I thought, I know what I’m doing, because this is not the Samsung Note 9 I wanted.

I thought I’m going to spend $300 and buy a Galaxy 8.

I was wrong.

After I got my Galaxy Note 7 out of the store, I got a Samsung Note 8 and it was awesome.

I loved it.

I think I will definitely buy another Galaxy Note.