Audi India has announced a lease deal with a leasing company in the US for a 2019 Lincoln LEAF.

The leasing arrangement is a deal worth around Rs. 10,000 per month, but the lease agreement comes with a clause that allows for the customer to switch from a lease to an Audi lease upon the customer’s request.

We had inquired to Audi India about this, and the company has confirmed the lease offer.

“We are currently in talks with a customer in the United States and we have been in touch with them,” an Audi spokesperson told TechRadar.

A spokesperson for Lincoln also confirmed the leasing offer, and said, “We have reached out to a customer for an initial view of the leasing terms, and are currently finalising the terms.”

The lease agreement is for a new vehicle that is the same as the current one that the customer will be leasing.

In the past, the company had leased a vehicle to the US, and it has been a long-term arrangement with the customer.

According to the leasing company, the customer was originally given a lease with a total lease value of Rs. 4,000 and the option to buy the vehicle at a lower price.

However, once the customer chose to buy, the lease was changed to an $800 a month lease.

Lincoln, which was founded in 1947, has been involved in India for decades.

The company has been making some of the most iconic vehicles in the world, including the iconic Lexus GS sedan, the popular Lincoln MKX SUV and the Lincoln MKZ SUV.