The Nissan Rogue is getting an upgrade in 2018.

The brand’s new leasing program is making its debut at dealerships in the US, where it will be available as a new leasing option. 

The brand will be offering a three-year lease with the new lease option priced at $1,750 per month.

This new option will be offered at Nissan dealerships nationwide starting today and will be extended to customers at Nissan of America, the brand’s retail arm.

Nissan’s Rogue lease program, which is similar to a traditional lease program for a Nissan vehicle, allows owners to get the new Rogue lease for $1.50 per month and can be purchased at any Nissan dealership, the company said.

Owners of the brand new Rogue can renew their lease for another three years for $4,750 a month. 

A few of the other new Nissan lease options offered include the Nissan Rogue Convertible, Nissan Rogue XL, Nissan Rebel EV and the Nissan EV 3.0. 

Nissan also announced that it is extending the lease options available for the Rogue Convertibles to 2019. 

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