Audi Q4: $23,400 | Tesla Q5: $26,700 | Tesla Model S P85D: $32,200 | Tesla A6: $28,900 | Tesla XQ: $30,700 The Tesla Model 3 and Model S will both start at $32k, but the Tesla Model X, P85 and XQ are currently the best value.

Tesla has recently launched its latest line of electric vehicles, the Model 3, and the Model S is now available in the US for $43,500.

The Tesla Q4 is one of the most affordable electric cars available.

Audi’s Q5 and Q5+ are also affordable.

Tesla also launched the Model X with a $49,400 starting price.

Both are available now in the UK and the US.

If you’re looking to buy a new Audi Q3 or Q5, you’re going to need to look at the $29,200 Tesla Model R, which will start at £25,100.

Tesla Model E: $39,200 The Tesla XR is the most expensive model in the lineup and it will start in the $42,900 range.

Tesla’s Model 3 has a $48,100 starting price and the XS starts at $52,900.

If a higher price point is necessary for your needs, Tesla has also launched a new Model S sedan, the XPS.

Tesla X: $52 to $54k This is a very competitive price point for the Tesla X, which starts at just $51,200.

It also has a smaller battery pack.

You can get a cheaper model for less money, the $35,400 Tesla X. The XR starts at a little more than $60,000, but it has a much larger battery and is a bit more powerful than the X and XS.

Tesla says that the X is more efficient than the Model E and Model X because it uses less energy.

You’ll need a Tesla X to get a Model 3.

Tesla is also launching a cheaper version of the X, the Tesla 3, which has a base price of $46,900 but can be ordered at $53,000 for the Model 2 and $53 for the X. You’re also getting a Model S for $52k, which is a $25k discount from the $58k Model 3 that was previously available.

Tesla offers the Model Y, which costs just $52K, which may not be a bad deal if you want to get the most out of the Model III.

The Model Y also starts at slightly less than $62,000.

The BMW X1 is another very competitive option and it starts at about $61,000 and starts at under $65,000 in the United States.

The Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius can both be had for about $56,000 or $58,000 respectively, but you can’t get them in the States because they’re not available yet.

The only option that starts at over $70,000 is the Tesla P100D, which can start at about half that amount.

The Porsche 918 Spyder can start for around $73,000 but the price is going to be a little higher than the $90,000 Model S because it’s going to have a larger battery pack, a smaller engine, and it’s not going to get as much fuel economy.