Buick’s lease deal for a $50 million Caddy and Chevrolet’s $10 million purchase of a Cadillac XTS were the most expensive deals in American history, but that wasn’t the only new luxury car coming to market this year.

The Buick deal was a huge win for the company’s brand, with the deal coming at the expense of a handful of others.

But for some buyers, the acquisition of a Buick could be the final piece of the puzzle.

As of this week, the Buick lease deal, which has been in place since 2018, has generated $15 billion in new sales, according to Kelley Blue Book.

That’s the third-highest amount of new sales since the company started reporting in the first quarter of 2020, and the biggest increase in a year, and far surpasses the $9 billion in sales last year.

But the lease deal wasn’t enough to win over buyers.

Buick has a lot of cash to burn.

In 2017, the company raised its 2019 sales forecast to $30 billion.

That’s more than double the $7 billion the company forecast in 2017.

Buick had a tough year with a $1.6 billion loss, and it still hasn’t recovered.

But the company is looking at a big rebound.

Sales are expected to increase by nearly a third in 2020.

Buicks sales are expected increase by $1,200 per vehicle, according the Kelley Blue Listing Service.

We’re going to see a big jump in our 2019 total,” said Mark Rolfes, Buick marketing manager.

With the new lease deal coming, Buicks stock is currently down about 25% from a year ago, and that’s in part due to the fact that the company has to deal with a number of bad press in the U.S. Buys market share has been steadily shrinking.

Since 2017, Buics market share in the United States has shrunk from 22% to 20%, according to Automotive News.

Last year, Buks market share dropped to 20% in the States.

A year ago in 2019, Buys U.K. sales fell below 20% for the first time since 2007, according with Automotive news.

By 2020, Buies U.k. sales were expected to fall to 20%.

Buicks U.s. market share had been shrinking in both countries.

When Buick entered the U