A toy company has secured a lucrative lease on a major property in central Queensland, with the property’s owner hoping to make a huge profit off the investment.

Key points:Toyota Camry lease specials are set to expire in 2018The lease will be used for a new car dealershipToyota’s first lease deal comes at a time of huge changes in the car industryToyota has been pushing for new car dealerships, which are now commonplace in the world of consumer electronics and travel.

But the new leases offer the chance to maximise profits on leases, with potential owners getting a new lease with no upfront payments.

Toyota announced its first lease deals last year, offering its owners a chance to get a new Camry at a discounted rate of $3,000 a month.

Toyos leases will expire in two years, meaning that owners will be able to sell the vehicle for a profit of up to $10,000 on the initial lease.

“We have secured a long-term lease for a large property in Brisbane’s west and the opportunity to make money off it is great,” Toyota said.

“This lease gives us the opportunity for a significant investment in our Brisbane dealership, and for us to make great profits.”

Toyota said it would use the lease to build a new vehicle dealership.

“Our lease deals are aimed at maximising the return on investments for our existing business, and it allows us to continue to build on our successful Camry leasing program, with more and more leases to come,” Toyota Australia said.

Mr McGovern said Toyota would not be making any money off the lease, as the value of the vehicle would only be $10 per month.

“The only thing we are looking to do is to put some money back into the business,” he said.

Toyotas Camry is set to make more than $30 million profit on a $10 million investment.

The lease is part of Toyota’s strategy to try and diversify its retail business.

The company has also announced it is planning to invest more than half a billion dollars in new vehicle dealerships across the world.

“Toyota is a global brand and the best in the business is going to be a brand that is driven by the right product, which is what we are trying to do with this lease deal,” Toyota chairman and chief executive Akio Toyoda said.

Read moreToyota had a $5.2 billion business last year and its $1.3 billion investment in a new factory is expected to result in another $5 billion investment.

It’s estimated the company has a profit margin of 25.6 per cent on its Toyota Camry leases, making it one of the most profitable businesses in the automotive industry.

Toyoda said he believed Toyota would continue to grow in the future, but he also believed the company was not at the stage of building up its consumer business that is where Toyota had to invest the most.

“When we look at the long term, I believe we are not there yet.

The way we are building up the business now, we are at the point where we need to do that.”

But that will only be in the long-run, we can’t stop there.

“Toyotaros future is brightToyotamos first lease has a $3 million payment to make, and is expected not to end up in debt.

Mr Toyoda has previously said Toyota could not be “a car manufacturer without consumer electronics”.”

It will be a great business for us,” he told reporters in February.”

You have to understand that Toyota has been building its consumer electronics business and its business has been built on the back of the success of our consumer electronics,” he added.”

Consumer electronics are still a very important part of the business, but they are not the only part of our business.

“Toyoda has said Toyota had a strong consumer electronics brand, but it has also struggled to make inroads into the automotive market.”

For example, if you look at our cars, we have the best sales performance, the best profits, but we have a strong position in the electronics business,” Mr Toyoda told reporters last month.

Toyota also faces competition from rivals such as Nissan and Volkswagen.

Toyomotive’s latest Camry deal is not the first lease agreement Toyota has struck.

The Japanese company also signed a deal to lease a $1 million property in Melbourne’s CBD.”

There is a big opportunity here to build up our brand and our business.

This is a great opportunity for us and we will see if we can deliver it,” Toyota’s chief financial officer, Chris Morgan, told the ABC.”

It is a good opportunity for our new dealership, which will provide a huge boost for our business in the Melbourne CBD.

“Mr Morgan said Toyota was also looking at the leasing of the former Toyota Motor UK facility in Melbourne, which was