Ford is planning to sell a record number of Q7 vehicles, with the automaker saying it plans more than 10,000 for its customers in 2019.

The company announced Friday that it will buy nearly 10,200 of the cars, with Ford leasing nearly 20,000 units.

The plan is to start selling those vehicles in 2020.

Ford said the cars will help it ramp up production and deliver the most affordable vehicles in the company’s lineup, which include the Ford Escape, Fusion, Focus, XC90, Escape, XTS, and Escape GT.

The vehicles will also help the company continue its efforts to boost production and cut its costs.

Ford said it will make the cars in the U.S. and Canada and ship them to dealers in the region.

Ford Chief Financial Officer Ron Smith said the company will sell the vehicles in 2018, 2019, and 2020.

The cars will be the first Q7 models to be made in Mexico, with a production ramp planned to ramp up in 2019 and 2020, Smith said.

The first of the vehicles will be made by the end of 2020.

Ford said it plans its first U.K. production in 2019, but it’s not clear when it plans production in the rest of the world.

In a conference call with analysts Friday, Smith also confirmed that Ford will sell about 1.4 million vehicles in 2019 through 2019, with 1.5 million in 2020, and 2 million in 2021.

The automaker will sell a total of about 2.6 million vehicles through 2019 and 4.6 more than 4 million in 2023, Smith told analysts.

As it continues to ramp production and reduce costs, Ford has had to reduce its order book, Smith added.

He said the automaking firm will be “focusing on getting more value out of the product line and in the long run, we expect to deliver a product that is attractive to the customer base.”