A new lease car is arriving in the heart of Philadelphia.

The Audi R8 Eau Rouge, which has been named the most desirable car in Philadelphia, will go on sale Friday.

The lease price is $37,995.

The lease period is five years.

It will be available with a six-figure price tag.

The R8 will be offered by Audi of America in partnership with several local leasing companies.

The deal includes financing options.

The deal includes a 20% discount on the price of all other vehicles.

The discount is on top of the standard $35,000 financing for leasing.

The other major discounts for leasing include $10,000 off the purchase price and a $4,000 discount on finance charges.

The leasing company will also be selling the R8 in its dealerships.

The $37.5 million lease includes all-wheel drive, heated seats and an engine of the same displacement as the car, which is a 1.4-liter engine.

The car also has a four-wheel independent suspension, which means it will have a rear-wheel-drive system.

The vehicle will be equipped with power windows, heated exterior mirrors, heated headliner and airbags.

The model is a new one for Audi of Pennsylvania, which first entered Philadelphia in 2017.

The company first leased an Audi A3 in the city and it will be coming to Philly again in 2021.

The city of Philadelphia is expected to get its first R8 by 2022.